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About Abacus Counselling Services

Feeling down or depressed and having difficulty in coping with life's stresses?
- or feeling worried that your problems are mounting?
- or feeling stressed and snowed under?
- or maybe you are experiencing relationship problems?

Would you like some help?

Abacus is an independent counselling organisation providing individual and personal confidential support offering time, attention and respect within counselling sessions.

Abacus experienced counsellors are trained in many aspects of counselling including person centred and cognitive methods, professionally qualified all are experienced in working with, relationship issues, mediation, mentoring and life coaching. These skills and expertise consolidate and facilitate professional support services to clients regardless of individual status.

Abacus can also offer organisational and management consultancy for statutory and voluntary groups to support personnel in work-life balance.

The aim of counselling is to give the client an opportunity to explore and resolve issues to manage a positive way of living. This may be finding resolutions to conflict within the workplace or helping individuals work through personal relationships by identifying and addressing some of the problems that arise.

Within the counselling framework, counsellors respect client's values and are supportive and non-judgemental and encourage the client to solve difficulties using the client's own resources.

Abacus Counselling Services is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychology (BACP) and all counsellors comply with the ethical framework laid down by the BACP.

What is Counselling?

Simply put counselling is a working relationship in which individuals are helped to explore and manage what is happening in their life.

The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for the client to work towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life.

The counsellor's role is to facilitate ways that, respect individual client values, and personal resources.

Abacus Counsellors are independent, neutral and professional and respect personal privacy.

Counselling can help individuals come to terms with specific issues and situations, review options and decide upon actions.

Counselling will be a specific arrangement between the client and counsellor. It will be entirely private and the counsellor will accept the individual regardless of status or lifestyle.